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Q: What is general anesthesia?

A: General anesthesia provides a way of effectively completing dental care while a child is unconscious.

Q. Who should receive dental care with general anesthesia?

A: Children with severe anxiety and/or the inability to relax are candidates for general anesthesia. Usually these children are young or have compromised health and helping them control their anxiety is not possible using other methods.

Q: Is general anesthesia safe?

A: An experienced health care provider, specifically trained in delivering general anesthesia, is responsible for the general anesthesia delivery, monitoring and medical care of the child. Many precautions are taken to provide safety for the child during general anesthesia care. Patients are monitored closely during the general anesthesia procedure by anesthesia personnel who are trained to manage complications. Your pediatric dentist will discuss the benefits and risks involved in general anesthesia and why it is recommended for your child's treatment.


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