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Birth to 6 Months

____ Clean mouth with gauze after feedings and at bedtime.
____ Ask your pediatrician or pediatric dentist about fluoride supplements.
____ Regulate feeding habits.

6 to 12 Months

____ First tooth should appear; time to see the pediatric dentist for an exam.
____ Begin to brush teeth after each feeding and at bedtime with small, soft-bristled brush.
____ Baby begins to walk; be alert to dental injuries.
____ Wean from breast or bottle by first birthday.

12 to 24 Months

____ Discontinue bottle use (especially at night) in consultation with your doctor.
____ First visit to dentist.
____ Follow schedule of exams and cleanings recommended by pediatric dentist.
____ Start using pea-sized portions of fluoridated toothpaste when child is able to rinse.
____ Most primary teeth have erupted.
____ Diet counseling - hygiene instruction.

3 to 4 Years

____ Evaluate primary molars for enamel sealant.
____ Verify change in fluoride dosage.

5 to 6 Years

____ Seal permanent first molars.

7 to 8 Years

____ Ask for orthodontic evaluation.

10 to 11 Years

____ Seal all premolars.
____ Evaluate appearance of teeth.
____ Confirm orthodontic evaluation.

12 Years

____ Seal permanent second molars.

12 - 16 Years

____ Continue check-up visits every six months.

17 Years

____ Discontinue fluoride treatment.

The above procedures are in addition to periodic check-up exams every six months.



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